Hannah Wood

Hannah Wood

Hannah is an ethnologist, researcher, professional event caterer, co-founder of Trekking the Himalaya trekking company and currently planning an MRes Creative Practice with University of Highlands and Islands.

Ethnology and Research
Hannah has recently completed an MaHons Scottish Ethnology at the University of Edinburgh. Here she learnt about and developed an interest in the use of archives in research specifically through her time spent in the School of Scottish Studies archives at George Square.

Fallain Food Co.
Hannah loves to bring people together through food and the lovely experience of sharing a delicious meal. Often found in remote locations cooking for creative groups attending workshops and events.

Trekking the Himalaya
Never one to step down from a challenge Hannah worked with her husband to found Trekking the Himalaya, a Nepalese social enterprise which generates opportunity and income for their village in Nuwakot, Nepal. This is complemented by their fabulous homestay project, Ganesh Community Homestay, which operates as a hub for the community and is a beautiful home for them.

MRes Creative Practice
Hannah has drawn several elements of her life together to create a project, which will be of interest to anyone interested in oral narratives, culture and breathtaking landscapes. Drawing on contrasts and similarities between folklore and tales of the supernatural in Nuwakot, Nepal, and the Scottish Borders, the research project will culminate in a film shot by Hannah on location.