Louise Scollay

Louise Scollay


Works in the Library and Archive collections at Edinburgh University.
Transcription Work
Research Facilitator
Wool Evangelist

Described as a cheerful wool evangelist, Louise’s goal is to celebrate the value [socially, culturally and economically] of seeking out and using local wools in making and creating – from sheep to sweater. She is a sought after speaker, reviewer and researcher within the worldwide yarn and knitting community.

Louise hosts the WoolWork pod cast, which has a wide and dedicated following from all over the world.

Louise has written and performed with Serpentine Drama in Shetland and worked on films with A Big Tall Wish Production Company. She Directed the short film Clutching at Straws, which combines Louise's interest in oral history and custom and belief.

Louise is involved in voiceover performance.

Clutching at Straws